Installing Energy Efficient Windows at Your Home

When putting together conservatory and orangery designs for our customers we are always keen to stress the importance of the right type of windows. With energy efficient windows as part of your home aesthetic there are several benefits. Here are just a few to consider.

Create Space – With good light and a warmer interior from energy efficient windows you can create a comfortable space that seems bigger than it actually is. Direct sunlight can cause overheating in a conservatory with the wrong type of window. With energy efficient windowpanes you will have a much greater experience, with plenty of light and warmth.

Reduce Condensation – With suitable energy efficient windows you will experience less instances of condensation and frost, which can cause long-term complications to your conservatory in terms of maintenance and structural problems relating to damp.

Lower Your Bills – With energy efficient windows installed at your home you can help to reduce your energy bills, with a naturally warmer winter, as you are less likely to lose heat as you would through a draughty single-pane window. This ensures you don’t need to crack the heating up as often as you would without energy efficient windows.

At Timothy Michael Ltd we understand exactly what our customers want. That’s why we put together designs that not only suit the aesthetic of a property that is having a conservatory or orangery added to it, but that also includes provisions for energy efficient windows that get the best out of your home.

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