Cleaning Protocols for a Home Conservatory

Owning a conservatory is fantastic. There are so many benefits relating to the extra space you have in your home to use as a space for relaxation, to host dinner parties, have as a reading room or multiple other uses. Ensuring that your conservatory is clean takes regular cleaning, and to get that shine to the windows and the bright, clean edges that show of the style and glamour of your conservatory, we’ve put together some tips on cleaning protocols.

Regular Cleaning Pattern – It is important, as with other parts of your home, that your conservatory is cleaned on a regular basis. It will help with the long-term maintenance of the structure if you keep on top of the easy maintenance in terms of cleaning.

Stay Safe at Height – In order to clean the high corners and the conservatory roof, make sure you have a strong and safe ladder to stand on and always have someone foot the ladder for extra protection.

Brush Carefully – Cleaning our hardwood conservatory frames is a delicate matter. Ensure you brush down the wooden structure to remove all dirt and dust, before you use warm, soapy water to wipe it down. You can use oils to protect the grain.

Sparkling Window Shine – Lastly, ensure that you treat your conservatory windows in the same way that you do the other windows at your property, leaving no dirty marks or swipe marks behind.

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