Building a Conservatory with a Single Point of Contact

If you are considering adding a conservatory or orangery to the rear or side of your home there are several benefits to working solely with one contractor that can provide you with assistance from start to finish. At Timothy Michael Ltd we have developed a service that brings you maximum bang for your buck, providing you with a single service that designs, supplies and builds your conservatory.

Having a single point of contact makes it much easier from your point of view, as to deal with multiple contractors to put together designs, to find the right materials and then to build can cause headaches and delay a project. It helps to have a common thread throughout a project, so there is less chance of confusion.

As we are involved in your project from start to finish, you can guarantee that the standards are consistent throughout, and it also provides you with a conservatory in the most cost effective manner. All aspects of the design and build will be discussed internally, ensuring that all cost savings are passed on to you, and that the project runs smoothly in terms of deadline. This could cost you time and money when working with multiple contractors.

One of the biggest benefits to having a single point of contact for a project such as a conservatory build is that there is one single point of contact that you can build a relationship with. Our team is super friendly, and we build a rapport with our customers, so that they know they can come to us with any issues during the design or build stage.

To find out more about our service and products please feel free to call us today on 0800 954 9639 or email