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Small conservatory ideas

Some conservatories aren’t as large as others and may not be seen as a space that you can do much with; other than a pretty extension for a garden room or a sitting area. In this short post, we aim to expand the ideas you have for your conservatory. Most conservatories are built on the […]

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Ways to use a conservatory

There are many uses for a conservatory that encompass more than the standard sun room or entertaining room for guests. A conservatory is a very versatile room which can be used all year round, provided that you have the correct kind of insulation in the room. Conservatories are already used as small dining areas during […]

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Natural décor in a conservatory

A conservatory is the ultimate summer room for your home. It’s large enough to entertain, but still small enough to be an intimate space for anyone looking for some time alone. Conservatories are usually depicted and designed as the closest room we have to nature. You can easily turn your conservatory into an extension of […]

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How to design the perfect conservatory

Designing a conservatory isn’t about using the newest or most expensive materials or furnishings in your new space; it’s about creating a space that syncs with the rest of your home. Your conservatory should click with the other themes and colours of your home, rather like putting another piece of your home’s puzzle into place. […]

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