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Growing Oranges in Your Orangery

Historically orangeries were designed to allow for oranges and other types of citrus fruit to be grown indoors, all year round and now matter the location. In modern times the design and aesthetic has been retained but orangeries are more likely used as extra living spaces, kitchen and dining areas, play rooms and a multitude […]

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bespoke wooden orangery

The Importance of Energy Efficiency in a Conservatory to Add Value to a Property

New research has indicated that for home buyers in the UK the energy efficiency of the property is among the top essentials they are looking for, along with a garden, parking availability, good broadband and high levels of security. With buyers wanting efficient central heating, windows that are double-glazed, secure windows and doors and a […]

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Designing a Bespoke Conservatory that Meets Your Needs

A conservatory is a wonderful thing in any location. When it is carefully designed, in a bespoke fashion, to sit seamlessly adjacent to an existing property, complementing the style and aesthetic of the home and adding a touch of its own elegance, a conservatory is a thing of real beauty. Depending on the style of […]

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Choosing the Right Doors for Your Conservatory

Sitting in your lovely conservatory what do you see when you look out of the doors? Does everything feel right to you in terms of how they open and the air and light that they allow in to the room? We know that the choice of doors and windows can make a huge difference to […]

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