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The Multi-Purpose Conservatory and Orangery for the Modern Home

An orangery or conservatory as an addition to a current property offers you the chance to really utilise the extra space in whatever way you see fit. There are a few ways in which you can turn your conservatory into the perfect multi-purpose room in your modern home. We’ve put together a list of potential […]

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The Benefits of a Hardwood Orangery

When you have an interest in updating your home it is the perfect time to consider your options with regards to an extension at the rear of your property. We specialise in hardwood conservatories and orangeries here at Timothy Michael Ltd and here are a few reasons why you should consider a hardwood orangery as […]

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bespoke wooden orangery

What You Need to Build a Perfect Orangery

An orangery is an elegant and beautiful addition to any home, and if you are in the market for an extension to your home it could be the perfect solution to your needs. What exactly is an orangery though, and what materials are needed in order to build one effectively, to ensure an aesthetically pleasing […]

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Maintaining Your Conservatory – Condensation Prevention

As a conservatory owner you’ll be well aware that there is the chance of mould growing throughout the winter months. As the temperature drops and the weather worsens, as we pass into winter proper, condensation is something that you have to be vigilant about, so be as prepared as possible in order to win the […]

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